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Suggestions on controlling the humidity in pig farm

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According to the change of seasons, there are many problems in pig farm damp, that is, pig diarrhea is not enough, so how to effectively control the humidity, and what should be paid attention to in the production process? China feed raw material information network gives some suggestions to farmers

1、 Increase ventilation.

Only when the pig house is ventilated, the excess water vapor can be discharged and the humidity can be reduced.

Measures: 1. Raise the delivery bed to increase the distance between piglets and wet ground; 2. Increase the area of windows to strengthen the ventilation capacity of pig houses; 3. The ventilation effect of ground windows is better than that of windows on the ground, so adding ground windows can directly blow to the ground, which can better discharge water vapor; 4. Install fans to increase air flow, and the effect of pig house drying is obvious.

2、 Control water use.

In the piggery sensitive to humidity (such as delivery room and pre nursing stage), water should be controlled to reduce water accumulation on the ground, which can effectively control the humidity of pig farms.

3、 The ground is paved with quicklime.

The quick lime was spread on the ground, and the local air in the pigsty was dried by using the hygroscopic property of quicklime. In addition, quicklime also has the function of disinfection.

4、 Dry the flooring.

In order to prevent diarrhea in piglets, it is very effective to dry the wooden mats laid by piglets in the oven, or lay dry cloth or carpet on the piglets a few days before birth.

5、 Lay low temperature water pipe.

Set up several water pipes below 20 ℃ in the pig house, and the water vapor in the pig house will turn into water droplets and flow down the water pipe. At the same time, the drainage work can also reduce the humidity in the pig house.

6、 Others.

The humidity in the pig house can be controlled by raising furnace and installing air conditioner.

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