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What are the supporting facilities and equipment infrastructure of the cattle farm

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The construction of small environment comfort and the full play of beef cattle production performance need to rely on the matching infrastructure equipment in the beef cattle shed. For the beef farm, we should fully understand the physiological characteristics and living habits of beef cattle in terms of infrastructure and equipment, and adhere to the principle of "simple design" in the design. We should not only make the beef cattle simple in use, but also make the cattle farm personnel easy to operate. When the cattle are comfortable, the cattle farmers will be comfortable. Now the cattle farm equipment manufacturers bring you the supporting facilities of the cattle farm. What are the infrastructure of the equipment? I hope it can help you.

1、 The road cattle farm is connected with off-site transportation, and the clear road leading to cattle shed and material warehouse is 6 m wide; the transportation dirt road leading to the sewage treatment area is 3 m wide, and the clean road and sewage road should be separated.

2、 The hay storehouse is generally an open structure, which can be protected by curtain when necessary, and can be built on three sides and opened on one side. Its construction scale is mainly determined by the feeding amount of cattle farm and annual purchase times. The weight of Leymus chinensis is 30 kg / bundle, alfalfa is 20 kg bales, and the height of hay stack can reach 4 meters. The key point of hay storehouse construction is fire prevention, followed by damp proof. Pay attention to keep a certain distance from other buildings. Although cattle can grow on grass, they still can't meet the demand of nutrients for large growth, especially for some large beef cattle. This results in slow growth and delayed marketing of cattle. The final feeding cost will not be lower than others, but will increase the breeding time and affect the weight of cattle. As long as the cattle eat more and eat well, they will grow faster and stronger. If you want to raise a good cow, you must not deprive the cattle of their food!

3、 The number of compartments is determined by the type of concentrate. The size of the silo is determined by the number of beef cattle on hand, the intake of concentrate and the storage time of raw materials. The concentrate storehouse is generally no less than 3.6 meters, with overhanging eaves of 1.2-1.8 meters, so as to facilitate loading and unloading and prevent rain and snow from wetting the concentrate. A cement pavement with a width of 6.5-7.5 meters and an outward slope of 2% is designed in front of the material warehouse, and the feeding vehicle enters. Attention should be paid to moistureproof and rodent proof in design..

4、 The common silage tanks are divided into semi underground, underground and overground. Although the first two types save investment, they are not easy to discharge rainwater and exudate. Generally, the silage tank is a strip, three sides are walls, one side is open, the bottom of the tank has a slight slope, and a drainage ditch is set. The silage tank is generally 2.5-4 m high, and the depth of material is generally required to be more than 20 cm. According to the number of cattle raised, pay attention to the width of the silage pit, which is generally at least 4-5 m, and the length depends on the storage capacity and terrain.

5、 TMR mixer can be used in large-scale cattle farm, which can be divided into fixed type and mobile type. According to the mixing mode, it can be divided into vertical mixer and horizontal mixer.

6、 Forage and feed processing equipment: forage harvester, baler, hay cutter, kneading machine, silage cutting machine, fine feeding grinder, mixer, etc., which can be used to harvest, knead, crush, shape and mix feed raw materials.

7、 Baoding frame and cattle stand Baoding frame is the equipment used to fix cattle in cattle farm and breed cattle farm. The cattle loading platform is a facility for loading or unloading cattle. The width of the loading platform is 1-1.2 meters, and the height of the exit is the same as that of the cattle carrier.

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