Sunday, December 18, 2016


Nothing says HAPPY for me like a PINK CHRISTMAS. I do not want this magical moment to leave. Im just so in love with all the sparkle and glitter. I took my kids out to see Rogue One in the winter storm. We live close to the theater and we had purchased our tickets weeks ago so why not on a Friday night. We came out of the theater to see what looked like diamonds in the snow. It was a SPECTACULAR sight!!  Christmas music in the car, zero traffic, nothing but beautiful snow falling. LIFE FELT SO GRAND. It's these little moments that you want your heart and mind to capture. I was so in love. My babies 17 and 11 in the car, Christmas music playing ,and a FRESH SNOW FALL!! Okay enough , I'm sorry but it WAS PURE JOY. happy Sunday Loves, go make YOUR MAGIC. peace, love and light always. x, LAH

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