Thursday, May 26, 2016


Ciao Bella peeps, As we head into a long weekend all I can think about are celebrations and get togethers. I used to be quite the entertainer. Always looking for an excuse opportunity to have peeps over. Then life happens,schedules became busier, kids activities are priority and oh yes laziness creeps in. Maybe not real laziness but parties become "too much work". I have heard that  many times from friends. I admit I get a little cray cray on the planning. But the end game is always a FUN successful great time. Oh and I have to have a theme with my parties. I find theme parties are BIG FUN. This weekend we have a family gathering and it's to say farewell. Not looking forward to this one because I really love the family that's leaving. But I am going to do my best to make it memorably  FUN. Happy Thursday. If you need to pretend today is YOUR birthday and celebrate BIG today. Each day is a GIFT. I think we tend to forget about that sometimes. Choose YOUR HAPPY and celebrate today! xoxo LAH

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