Sunday, April 3, 2016


HAPPY MONDAY!!  I hope you had a lovely weekend. I posted this message on my Instagram account yesterday. I've really been thinking about how rude and unkind people seem lately. All the trolls in the world have apparently multiplied. People hiding behind the screen spewing insults and nastiness. Such meanness. It really hit home this weekend when my son told me about his day at work. He spoke of mean and impatient people . Sad because it's his very first job. I can honestly say I have never been unkind to people doing their job. I have always taught my children to be kind inside and outside of our home. And I can honestly pat myself on the back for this one because I know that my children are practicing what I have preached since infancy. I am a believer that our world would be a lot better if each of us practiced kindness daily. Also, though I am not a country music fan, I just listened to Tim Mcgraw's Kind and Humble song.....LOVE IT. Have a wonderful day!
Kind is the NEW BLACK. IT is COOL to be KIND.Spread kindness around like confetti. CHoose YOUR Happiness. CHoose Kindness! ☮💕 LAH

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