Monday, August 3, 2015


Happy Monday LOVES, I hope you had a fantastic weekend. I hope you were busy creating and living a LIFE YOU LOVE. No keeping up with the Joneses or that other family. But keeping up with your own life. Living on your terms, choosing YOUR happiness. I decided to take my Z back down memory lane and create some old fashion memories for her by making mud pies. I did this so often when I was a little girl. I must add I did not have fancy accoutrements as my Z. Just a backyard , a brick, and mud provided by MOTHER NATURE. Those were some of my fondest memories of BIG FUN. We had such a great time making mud designs. Mindless yet creative, simple fun. Can't wait to see what we create this gifted MONDAY. PEACE ,LOVE AND LIGHT. Choose YOUR HAPPY!

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