Monday, June 29, 2015


Happy, Cheery,Bright, Florals. Lovin these Desiqual looks.I REALLY want one of the FLOral head gear. I would wear it every time I need a little perky pick me up. Yes PLEASE I will take one in every color. I hope this post makes you as HAPPY as it made me. Have a uber Happy Tuesday. Peace Love gratitude for stopping by today. xoxo L

Sunday, June 28, 2015


Happy Monday Lovelies, I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I have had BETTER ones. Luckily I was able to sneak in some time with my yoga mat yesterday. Much needed restorative energy. Crazy days have a tendency to make you really search for that Happy Life. You have to create it even in challenging times. Wishing you a FABULOUS week. And remember to create your JOY during those difficult times. CHOOSE IT! Gratefully Yours, L

                       HOW I WAS FEELING!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

DINING IN...........

HEllo Loves, last weekend our family had a house guest for a few days. Translation I had the honor of entertaining and cooking a lot more than usual. We enjoyed our guest tremendously. Spent oodles of time in the kitchen. The kitchen needs to be a beautiful space because so MUCH time is spent there. I am loving the look of these kitchens. Pretty spaces make it pretty easy to prepare delicious meals. Have an amazing Wednesday. Spend some time doing you. Choose your Happiness. xoxo L

Monday, June 22, 2015



Summer is in full bloom around my house. Late nights, long walks,late nite ice cream a family movie on a Monday nite all good stuff.  With summer comes my child friendly wardrobe. Note: my children are older. However; I miss wearing my high heels occasionally. My wardrobe changes a bit in the summer.I am more interested in comfort and flexibility. I wish I did have it in me to get my GLAM on. BUT I am NOT that woman. Not that I don't occasionally long to be her. How about you high heels and kids work for you. 
Have a wonderful Tuesday. I had such a HAPPY FUN Monday I am going for round 2 tomorrow.
Choose YOUR HAPPY. xoxo L


          Happy Monday! Cheers to a wonderful week!
                  Choosing Happiness.xoxo L

Thursday, June 18, 2015


Hello Loves, It has indeed been a BUSY week filled with all kinds of things. Enjoying the slow, easy breezy summer with my babies. Miss having extra time to read magazines and post.I have enjoyed having guests for they make you forget the daily grind of life. It is also great to get back to your normal life. I think I will put on my party dress and sip some bubbly this weekend. It's been one of those weeks. Wishing you PEACE and LOVE two things missing in this world today.  Be safe, be kind and choose YOUR HAPPY. xoxo L

Monday, June 15, 2015



Hello loves. Not a hat girl but I know a good one when I spot one. I really wish someone would invent one that is functional and stylish on rainy days like today. It's been a LOVELY day home with my kiddos. First day school is finally OUT. I am not missing it one bit. Time to veg out, catch up on some much needed sleep. The HUSTLE bus stopped HERE. Wishing you a lovely summer! xoxo L
Choosing Happiness and GREAT times with my Kiddos. xoxo L

GO FOR THE GOLD.........

    SAYS IT ALL..... Can I get an AMEN! Go GOLD or GO HOME. Choose Happiness. xoxo L

Friday, June 12, 2015

IT's PINK FRIDAY.....................AND I'M FEELIN GOOD

HAPPY PINK FRIDAY. I hope your week was lovely. I am Feeling in the PINK today! Creating my own happiness! That's what you have to do. CREATE IT for YO-SELF! Schools OUT and I can't be any HAPPIER. I get my kids to MYSELF. No sharing , no homework NO SCHEDULES. Livin the LIFE OF LUXURY because free time is a luxury. Time is a luxury. So don't waste your precious limited time ! Create yo happiness. A huge part of my happiness comes from being a parent. I love the lil peeps and all of their CRAZINESS. So summer is in full swing for my tribe. Merry, Jolly weekend. Spend your time wisely! from my love tribe to yours... CHOOSING HAPPINESS!

Monday, June 8, 2015



Hey Loves, I hope your Monday was a super sized one. I'm on the home stretch just a couple of school days left. I'm really feeling these African prints. They are just magnificent. So regal and elegant. I would most definitely wear one of these dresses. How about you? Please have yourself a wonderful Tuesday. Choosing happiness and hoping for more energy. xoxo