Sunday, May 31, 2015


OH EM GEE!!! I had a FABULOUS weekend. Absolutely glorious. The reason? I laughed so MUCH. I am still smiling as I type this post. Laughter truly is the best medicine. Get your positive mindset going. If you need some humor give me a shout out. HAPPY MONDAY LOVES, Make it GREAT. xoxo L

Thursday, May 28, 2015


Hello LOVES, I am moving slow. I should be moving FAST seeing that there are only a couple of  weeks left before schools out. I am excited to have the little peeps home but it is an ADJUSTMENT! My life will be a little less glamorous. There will be impromptu picnics on the lawn. Water ballon fights, chalk cities on the driveway. You get the picture. With that being said I am going to be looking for inspiration. Life will be different. There will be late mornings, PJ days, cleaning days etc.... So I will be dreaming of sophisticated styling. (lol) In the meantime I have to share my love of skirts. I like skirts better than dresses. A myriad of choices with skirts. Blouses, t-shirts, etc. you get the picture. Cheers to of a myriad of options choosing your happiness. xoxo L

Sunday, May 24, 2015


Z and I decided to take it to the yard on Saturday. We decided to let our artistic abilities free and graffitti up the boulders on our property. It was a beautiful day. So of course I broke out the PINK because  we paint PINK of Saturdays. :) We had BIG FUN bonding over something so little. Because WE CAN and WE did. That's what true HAPPINESS is finding JOY in the littlest moment. So we are throwing BOULDERS of PEACE and LOVE your way today. We're hoping you live in a glass house therefore ;peace and love will find your heart. We know we live in a GLASS house!!!!!
Making memories.
Enjoy the your holiday weekend.

p.s. the BEST part we get to see these out our window we painted them facing in.

Friday, May 22, 2015

HAPPY THOUGHTS........................

HAPPY WEEKEND LOVES! Forgive me for taking some time away, crazy, mad ,great week. If you know me well you know that my HAPPY DREAMY place is a home along the ocean preferably the east coast. I am just in LOVE with the ocean. Something about the water that's so very calming. No therapy needed here just a BEACH HOME will do just fine. Can't wait to invite family and friends over for weeks at a time. That's right weeks because nothing anyone could do to steal my mojo!  Have a lovely long weekend. Filled to the BRIM with happiness, laughter and some time to dream. CHOOSE YOUR HAPPINESS. xoxo L

Monday, May 18, 2015


PINK PINK PINK, I would wear pink every day. Okay, pink accessories. RiRi looks fabulous in PINK. It is starting to feel like fall in my world and I would love to cozy up in these pink coats. Just a few more weeks before summer break. Can't wait to have some pink lemonade on the lawn. Happy Tuesday, make it wonderful. xoxo L


HAPPY MONDAY! I have to try real HARD to be Happy today!!! But I'm going to make it happen!!! Sending my sweet LOVE off on her first field trip without her helicopter mom. I know that she is going to soar!Spread her lovely eagle wings and fly off with her own 10 year old happiness. I will miss her greatly! Enjoy your Monday. CHOOSING HAPPINESS!!

Sunday, May 17, 2015


HAPPY WEEKEND! I'm so excited for some non stop chaos this weekend. Did you detect my sarcasm? Really it's a game on weekend filled with kids activities. Ready or not its on. I hope  your weekend is filled with something for you! I will sneak a little momma time somewhere ,even if it's only a delicious latte and some peonies. Craving BOTH. Cheers to all that is LOVELY. xoxo L

Thursday, May 14, 2015


GOOD THURSDAY MORNING TO YA. Nothing like feeling feminine in multiple layers of tulle. Tulle is NOT just for weddings and ballerinas. I have a black one and I am always looking for the opportunity to wear it. I feel graceful and elegant when I put it on. I love the soft airiness feel of tulle. So, you may wanna get your tulle on one day and head to the market feeling like a fairy princess. Enjoy this gift of day. It's gray and raining but I'm HAPPY inside. Choosing HAPPINESS for you today. xoxo L

Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Happy TUESDAY! I'm channeling my gypsy vibe right now. FREE Spirited, combined with a little FIRE! WATCH OUT WORLD FEELING HAPPY AND LOVED... Choose your Happy today loves!!! xoxo  L

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


I hope you had a lovely weekend and if you are a mom I hope you were feeling the LOVE.
3 out of 5 Not bad. Hey, I definitely have some work to do. Can you guess my 3? How about you, can you check em all of?
Let's try to together. Peace, love , happiness coming at ya! xoxo L