Tuesday, March 10, 2015



Happy Hump Day. I have been talking to my 9 year old daughter about friendships a lot lately. I am trying to get her to see what a great friendship looks like. My daughter is very compassionate, honest, sweet and a caring soul.  She loves to get in the car  and share her day with me. I try to listen with an open mind. BUT , sometimes I say out loud as opposed to myself that so and so is not a good  friend. I continue on to say why the person is not a good friend. During this entire conversation, I sometimes reflect on my very OWN friendships. I bet each of us would say we that we are great friends to others. I know I would!  What makes a good friend to you? What does a great friendship look like?
What are your requirements/expectations of friends? I like a reciprocal friendship. Meaning we are both expected to give and receive.  I like supportive , compassionate, caring friends. I don't  want a friend to tell me always what she thinks I want to hear. I welcome honest feedback. In addition to one that I can cry with, I need one to laugh greatly with me. I LOVE above many things laughter. Nothing feeds my soul like laughter. With that being said a funny friend ranks above many things. Well, it is getting late and I need to write cards to my friends. OH , DID I FORGET TO MENTION HOW MUCH I LOVE SNAIL MAIL FROM FRIENDS. 
Choose Happiness and GREAT FRIENDS!

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