Monday, March 16, 2015

JUST FAB......

You ever just wake up and feel absolutely FAB? It may be rare or if you are one of those rare girls that it is an every day occurrence...then by all means please SHARE. I know there are days that I feel more FAB than others. What's different about those days. Well, on the days that I feel fab I notice that I take a moment of to give gratitude , I exercise first thing and I have my coffee in solitude. So, those days I practice a wee bit of self care. I haven't always been good at this, as a matter of fact it has been of late. Because as a mama I am always making sure everyone else has been cared for before me. That's just what mamas do BEST. However; my BEST days for all of us is when I am able to squander a few precious moments for myself . Albeit, it is usually before anyone else gets up...say like 5:00AM. 
But, it is so very worth it. So what I am trying to say is whatever takes to get you on the track to FAB get there! You will thank yourself for it. Well it is past midnite and I will not be following my advice if I do not get to bed NOW. Have a LOVELY TUESDAY . Much gratitude for stopping by. Choose you happiness and FAB. xoxo

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