Friday, March 27, 2015





Flowers make it all better

From my almost 16 yo posted on my bedroom door this AM. I think he believes he's British.(mums the word)

Hey LOVES, HAPPY FRIDAY! I had a wonderful much needed break. There is something magical being amongst FAMILY. I feel so revived, refreshed and grateful to be alive. Needless to say my MOM IS MY DRUG. I always get turnt up when I am around her. Turn up for LOVE!Grateful that I was chosen to be her daughter. FAMILY brings out the best in all of us. Note my sweet note from my British son, he gets to see mama in daughter/care taker role. Needless to say I left my house as though we were in a MAD DASH to leave. So this weekend will be spent picking up , cleaning up and EASTER(ing) up. MY WISH to you is for a FABULOUS FAMILY/FRIEND FUN FILLED WEEKEND. Merci beau coup for stopping to visit ME.xoxo L

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