Tuesday, March 31, 2015



HAPPY WEDNESDAY, HAPPY APRIL LOVES! Skipped posting yesterday because it was late and I was exhausted,despite getting TONS of sleep on Break. But, look at these beauties that I found. Versace Atelier 2015. The first one has my name on it. After I grow some longer legs, smaller waist and...... I can't deny what is needed to to pull that look off. It's APRIL 1st, A GREAT MONTH TO BE HAPPY. Cheers to you on this LOVELY day. Thanks for stopping by. xoxo  L

Sunday, March 29, 2015

THE POWER..........


HAPPY MONDAY! THANK YOU MAMA for teaching me the POWER of PRAYER!Have an AMAZING DAY! Choosing Happiness and Prayer. xoxo L

Friday, March 27, 2015





Flowers make it all better

From my almost 16 yo posted on my bedroom door this AM. I think he believes he's British.(mums the word)

Hey LOVES, HAPPY FRIDAY! I had a wonderful much needed break. There is something magical being amongst FAMILY. I feel so revived, refreshed and grateful to be alive. Needless to say my MOM IS MY DRUG. I always get turnt up when I am around her. Turn up for LOVE!Grateful that I was chosen to be her daughter. FAMILY brings out the best in all of us. Note my sweet note from my British son, he gets to see mama in daughter/care taker role. Needless to say I left my house as though we were in a MAD DASH to leave. So this weekend will be spent picking up , cleaning up and EASTER(ing) up. MY WISH to you is for a FABULOUS FAMILY/FRIEND FUN FILLED WEEKEND. Merci beau coup for stopping to visit ME.xoxo L

Sunday, March 22, 2015


            1. STAY BEAUTIFUL
            2. STAY CLASSY
            3. STAY ELEGANT
            4. STAY DRAMA FREE
            5. STAY HEALTHY
            6. STAY INTELLIGENT
            7. STAY WELL READ
            8. STAY HAPPY
      I plan to do the same over break!

Friday, March 20, 2015

HAPPY UN- BUSY WEEKEND......................


I have an UNBUSY weekend! I am going to be IN LOVE with every moment of UN-BUSYNESS! Unlike the majority I LOVE being un-busy. I relish  spending  time with my family in an unplanned manner. SHEER JOY! I hope you are doing exactly  what YOU want to do this weekend. Choose JOY ,  PEACE, and YOUR OWN HAPPINESS! Until we meet again LOVES! Grazie for stopping by! xoxo

Wednesday, March 18, 2015


I am a lover of jewels. All kinds of JEWELS. MUI MUI RTW 2015 is NOT a disappointment. I love the details. The jewels are definitely singing my TUNE. Feeling quite HAPPY. Have an amazing Thursday. I hope you feel SPARKLY today.  Choosing HAPPINESS!xoxo

Monday, March 16, 2015

JUST FAB......

You ever just wake up and feel absolutely FAB? It may be rare or if you are one of those rare girls that it is an every day occurrence...then by all means please SHARE. I know there are days that I feel more FAB than others. What's different about those days. Well, on the days that I feel fab I notice that I take a moment of to give gratitude , I exercise first thing and I have my coffee in solitude. So, those days I practice a wee bit of self care. I haven't always been good at this, as a matter of fact it has been of late. Because as a mama I am always making sure everyone else has been cared for before me. That's just what mamas do BEST. However; my BEST days for all of us is when I am able to squander a few precious moments for myself . Albeit, it is usually before anyone else gets up...say like 5:00AM. 
But, it is so very worth it. So what I am trying to say is whatever takes to get you on the track to FAB get there! You will thank yourself for it. Well it is past midnite and I will not be following my advice if I do not get to bed NOW. Have a LOVELY TUESDAY . Much gratitude for stopping by. Choose you happiness and FAB. xoxo

Sunday, March 15, 2015

IT'S ALL GOOD..........


Happy Monday LOVES,It's TRULY ALL GOOD! 
Let this be your MINDSET this beautiful Monday! Choose Happiness. xoxo

Thursday, March 12, 2015



It's been a PRETTY FABULOUS week. I have been working out more. Nice long walks around the lake, yoga and sculpting class. Amazing what exercise does for the mind. I was able to spend time with friends over a quick lunch. I enjoyed LIVING IN THE MOMENT this week. As I am writing,this evening I glance at a beautiful bouquet of daffodils. Something so small and inexpensive  can bring HUGE amounts of JOY. I dare you this weekend to take some time to LIVE IN THE MOMENT. Trust me you will be so thrilled you took on my dare. Cheers to a wonderful weekend. Thank you again for stopping by. xoxo



Hello, Happy Almost Spring!! I am enjoying this wonderful weather we are having right now. I admit I am ready to do an all out purge and reset in my home. I have begun the process. I anxiously wait for seasons to change so that I can add some spice to my home. Whether it is a wreath for your door, a fun color on the door or a new welcome mat, it's just fun to do. Wishing you a lovely Thursday. Choosing Happiness and COLOR!xoxo 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015



Happy Hump Day. I have been talking to my 9 year old daughter about friendships a lot lately. I am trying to get her to see what a great friendship looks like. My daughter is very compassionate, honest, sweet and a caring soul.  She loves to get in the car  and share her day with me. I try to listen with an open mind. BUT , sometimes I say out loud as opposed to myself that so and so is not a good  friend. I continue on to say why the person is not a good friend. During this entire conversation, I sometimes reflect on my very OWN friendships. I bet each of us would say we that we are great friends to others. I know I would!  What makes a good friend to you? What does a great friendship look like?
What are your requirements/expectations of friends? I like a reciprocal friendship. Meaning we are both expected to give and receive.  I like supportive , compassionate, caring friends. I don't  want a friend to tell me always what she thinks I want to hear. I welcome honest feedback. In addition to one that I can cry with, I need one to laugh greatly with me. I LOVE above many things laughter. Nothing feeds my soul like laughter. With that being said a funny friend ranks above many things. Well, it is getting late and I need to write cards to my friends. OH , DID I FORGET TO MENTION HOW MUCH I LOVE SNAIL MAIL FROM FRIENDS. 
Choose Happiness and GREAT FRIENDS!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Saturday, March 7, 2015







May your weekend be everything and MORE that your week may not have bee. Can you feel the VIBE of my week? PHEW , just glad it's ovah and that I was blessed with MAD WARRIOR SURVIVAL SKILL.  Gratitude for you stopping by to read. HAPPIEST WEEKEND TO YOU CHOOSE YOUR HAPPY!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Can't say anything but WOW to these beautiful Georges Chakra. How do you weigh in on these beauties. These pretties make me want to get pretty and sashay around my living room. I hope you have a wonderful Thursday. Make something GREAT happen for you or someone you love. Send that good energy out in the world. Merci for stopping by. Choose YOUR HAPPY. xoxo