Monday, September 8, 2014


It's Tuesday and I'M FEELIN' GOOD! Do you know of any women that just hit a home run in the style department every time? Maybe it's your best friend, your hair stylist , the woman on the AM train or just maybe a real PRINCESS. Princess Deena Al Juhani Abdulaziz seems to get it right every time. MY OH MY she exudes royalty and class. She looks regal. I am loving all of her many looks. Do you? If you have one of those girlfriends that seems to nail it in the style department STOP what you are doing right now and hit her with a text message, email or phone call. Let her know she rocks and you appreciate her for it. Pay it and SAY IT FORWARD. It will bring her HAPPINESS and you too. PEACE, LOVE and CHOOSING HAPPINESS!

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