Thursday, July 10, 2014


HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!!!!! I am looking forward to a weekend at home. It has been a short week of catch up. Today's message is from the heart! Beauty comes in all shades and all types. I am a believer in "beauty is as beauty does", beauty is on the inside. I got to see my mom this past weekend, had not seen her since Thanksgiving. It was a 24 hour quick surprise visit.It was wonderful for many reasons. One particular reason is how my mom always makes me feel EXTRA special. I was sitting across the table with a tattered baseball cap sans makeup and very few hours of sleep. My mom out of the blue says" you look so cute" Now in my very own eyes I looked and felt a Hot MESS. But too my mom I looked pretty darn cute. I do think it was because of the sheer joy and excitement that was emanating from my body because we had surprised her with our unannounced visit. BUT I felt like a MILLION bucks. So my gift to you this HAPPY FRIDAY is to tell you how beautiful you are today!!! I know you are because you are reading my blog today!! So have an amazing weekend! Go out and pay say it forward. Tell someone they are beautiful today AND mean it. Choosing HAPPINESS and very kind, positive and good VIBES.

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