Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Seeing RED............ I can NOW wear this Gown in my garage!!!!!!

Okay,yesterday was the end to a great school year for my littlest one. And summer is OFFICIALLY on so get the Patron'. LOL just kidding(well maybe).I ran around for teachers gifts, popsicles for all the kids, and all other things that were NOT on my to do list. 
So I was feeling motivated to get my kids on the right track for summer. I thought we would start our first summer project of cleaning out our JUNKY garage!!! Clearly, a too LOFTY goal. So I commenced to clean solo. So much for teaching the little rascals some work ethics. Did I not give them enough time ?Should I have waited a week? I am not giving up on teaching some very valuable lessons. Schools out but BOOT CAMP is in full blown session. So while I feel as though someone took my super mom cape, I figured I would  reboot and live in the moment. Hence my red gown; because the garage is SO FRESH and SO CLEAN, why not?  Happy Thursday, Choosing Happiness and another project! 

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