Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Yes , that's right I AM ACTING like a Teenager. And I am not ashamed! I have fallen in LOVE with futbol!! Ahem well, at least for the beautiful young men that play. In yoga class yesterday the yoga instructor said that we should fall in love with someone or something every day. Well,I still love my soulmate, AND FUTBOL is my new love! Is that good enough?  Besides that I am just a LOVER of well groomed men. Europe take me away!! In my humble opinion the Europeans have looking polished locked up. It doesn't matter if they are out having a capuccino or a glass of vino, they take pride in their appearance. Reminds me of old photos of my grandpa. He always had on a dress shirt and a belt. If we could only return to that look. Cheers to a VERY LOVELY Thursday! Choosing HAPPY and FUTBOL!

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