Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Hello Friends,It's late and I am tired but in a really good way. I am exhausted from  full blown belly laughter! It was that kinda evening. Friendship and laughter really are good for the soul! It was a busy hump day. You ever meet someone and it feels as though you have known them a lot longer? I attended a vision board/ fight like a girl celebration. You make think it was a sad celebration but it WAS NOT. It was centered around a bunch of friends new and old supporting a friend dealing with a health crisis. What a way to start off your healing process. After that I attended a dinner with friends plus a few more. I laughed so much that I think I can skip plank exercises tomorrow. Somedays you need a shoulder to laugh on. No time for crying! I always want to be that supportive friend for I know that having that friend in your corner is very important. Life sometimes feels like a roller coaster, but I will say if you can pick up the phone and have that special friend listen it is PRICELESS! Cheers to all the friends that are always there when you need them. HAPPY THURSDAY and Choose Happiness and a GREAT FRIEND!!

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