Sunday, June 22, 2014



HAPPY MONDAY !!!I am standing with my girl bosses! I hope you had a fabulous weekend. I had a spectacular girlfriends weekend. I spent time chatting it up with my fellow girl bosses. Some conversations by phone some in person. Regardless, it was QUALITY time spent with some good friends. I heart my girlfriend time. We share some GREAT laughter over some nonsensical topics sometimes. We all know that laughter is good for the soul. I have one friend that we chat in route to wherever we may be heading. You gotta fit it in when you can. I don't know which of the housewives said that she did not fight women but I completely AGREED with her. That may be ONE of the ONLY things I have agreed with on the RH shows. Well, I hope you have a LOVELY week filled with some delightful moments. Choosing Happiness ALWAYS!!! 

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