Wednesday, June 4, 2014


This post is dedicated to my new found friend that I just spent the evening with at our third graders graduation. We probably weren't looking for new friends. Everyone knows that I was no longer accepting applications for friends. And then, in steps Kari.She seems more like the sister I never got to have. We have lots of similarities. Such as we both have 2 brothers so we can fight and disagree and still like each other without a grudge. She is giving like me. She loves her 3 ADORABLE kids like I love my two rug rats. She's is HILALRIOUS, INDEPENDENT, STRONG , BEAUTIFUL(mind, body , spirit) and she likes me with my idiosyncrasies. I like that she is a fly by the seat of her pants girl too. If our plans don't work out believe me this girl has PLAN B,C,D,E and F. I like that because one monkey doesn't stop a show over here either. The picture captures who who are too. Of course, I would wear the non matching Pink and Orange with the HUGE bracelet. And Kari would wear the blouse that compliments her beautiful red hair and cream slacks sophistication at it's best. With that said,you would probably never put us together but we work in a non conventional way. Oh and did I mention that if our school had a PTA or parent's association that we would run that too! Who needs Clyde when you have two Bonnie's. Thank you Kari for accepting my quirky BUTT right where you found me in Quirkyville. For I know that I am not perfect but my heart is HUGE, I like to have a great time and enjoy life as much as POSSIBLE. For I know that it could all change in a fleeting moment. Thank you for being that sister I did not get biologically but I get to experience with you! I love your energy,warmth and go getter attitude. Cheers to friendship where you least expect in the school parking lot or classroom!! Choosing Happiness and Friendships!

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