Monday, June 30, 2014

CUT IT OUT......

Happy July! Summer is full on. I am really digging the cuts/angles of the above looks. Wee sexy not overly. I am just a LOVER of all things beautiful. Albeit I may not own or possess, I am just a lover of all gifts of beauty.I created a beautiful floral driveway yesterday with my little bestie, only to wake up tomorrow to have a clean slate to begin yet another creation. Do you even need to ask, heck yeah it was BEAUTIFUL , because it was created with JOY and a huge heap of LOVE on the side with some SPRINKLES!!Cheers to something you may find beautiful this wonderful Tuesday. Seek and you shall find! Choosing Happiness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Thursday, June 26, 2014


HOLA, HOLLA, CIAO HaPpY FRIDAY!!!!! How YOU DOIN? Any FAB plans for the weekend? Well, I will be sneakin around this weekend. And if I can make my sneaks rock my outfit like the above chics then I will be REALLY HAPPY! Sometimes this girl chooses comfort over cuteness. BUT as you can see it is possible to have both C's comfortable cuteness. Viola!!! And of course I gotta rock the pink and orange ones. 
Have sneakers ever looked so cute? Have you rocked sneaks before outside of an athletic  outfit? Do you choose COMFORT over CUTENESS sometimes? Have an absolutely WONDERFULLY HAPPY weekend! I am choosing JOY,HAPPINESS, and PEACE this weekend. Wishing each of you the same!!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Yes , that's right I AM ACTING like a Teenager. And I am not ashamed! I have fallen in LOVE with futbol!! Ahem well, at least for the beautiful young men that play. In yoga class yesterday the yoga instructor said that we should fall in love with someone or something every day. Well,I still love my soulmate, AND FUTBOL is my new love! Is that good enough?  Besides that I am just a LOVER of well groomed men. Europe take me away!! In my humble opinion the Europeans have looking polished locked up. It doesn't matter if they are out having a capuccino or a glass of vino, they take pride in their appearance. Reminds me of old photos of my grandpa. He always had on a dress shirt and a belt. If we could only return to that look. Cheers to a VERY LOVELY Thursday! Choosing HAPPY and FUTBOL!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

JUST PRETTY ............

HAPPY WEDNESDAY! I know it really is WORD UP WEDNESDAY but I have been on mama duty full BLOWN!!! Crazy fun times, but being the captain on deck, chef extraordinaire,cleaning lady, entertainment director etc.leaves little time for mama to do HER.(LiVE HAPPY)
I did have an empty house today for about 2 hours BUT I decided to take some me time and fold 3 loads of laundry(LOL) and I did eat of couple of bites of gelato. Needless, to say I felt the need to pause and LOOK AT SOMETHING PRETTY. I LOVE CHANDELIERS as you KNOW. I feel they make everything look and feel glamourous. So take a moment to look and possibly escape for a moment to your happy and glamorous place! Happy Wednesday.Choosing Happiness!xoxo

Monday, June 23, 2014


Clearly, after seeing JLo in this billboard spread at the ripe old age of 45, I decided to get busy. Okay, yes I have fallen off the horse. I would blame it on summer but since summer just started 4 days ago I can hardly place the blame there. But I am going to get back in the saddle. This photo spread was quite the inspiration I needed. She looks fabulous. I saw her being interviewed and she also dropped her secret moisturizer from Whole Foods. So rush out to get the rose day cream priced at 32.21. . Have a FABULOUS day!!! Choosing HAPPY! xoxo

Sunday, June 22, 2014



HAPPY MONDAY !!!I am standing with my girl bosses! I hope you had a fabulous weekend. I had a spectacular girlfriends weekend. I spent time chatting it up with my fellow girl bosses. Some conversations by phone some in person. Regardless, it was QUALITY time spent with some good friends. I heart my girlfriend time. We share some GREAT laughter over some nonsensical topics sometimes. We all know that laughter is good for the soul. I have one friend that we chat in route to wherever we may be heading. You gotta fit it in when you can. I don't know which of the housewives said that she did not fight women but I completely AGREED with her. That may be ONE of the ONLY things I have agreed with on the RH shows. Well, I hope you have a LOVELY week filled with some delightful moments. Choosing Happiness ALWAYS!!! 

Thursday, June 19, 2014


Whatever you do this weekend do it up BIG! WHATEVER it takes to get to your HAPPY place get there! Shine your own little light! I will be doing it up BIG with house cleaning.  A girl BOSS has to do what she has to do! It's gotta get done because I am hosting a family "playdate" on Tuesday. Nothing like good old fashion self-induced pressure to move your a** in the right direction. It will make me VERY HAPPY to get it done. Have a wonderful weekend filled with all of life's treasures!!Choose Happiness because truly Happy Girl Bosses are the Prettiest!!! xoxo

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Hello Friends,It's late and I am tired but in a really good way. I am exhausted from  full blown belly laughter! It was that kinda evening. Friendship and laughter really are good for the soul! It was a busy hump day. You ever meet someone and it feels as though you have known them a lot longer? I attended a vision board/ fight like a girl celebration. You make think it was a sad celebration but it WAS NOT. It was centered around a bunch of friends new and old supporting a friend dealing with a health crisis. What a way to start off your healing process. After that I attended a dinner with friends plus a few more. I laughed so much that I think I can skip plank exercises tomorrow. Somedays you need a shoulder to laugh on. No time for crying! I always want to be that supportive friend for I know that having that friend in your corner is very important. Life sometimes feels like a roller coaster, but I will say if you can pick up the phone and have that special friend listen it is PRICELESS! Cheers to all the friends that are always there when you need them. HAPPY THURSDAY and Choose Happiness and a GREAT FRIEND!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


I know you use the word VIVACIOUS all the time. Well, I would say you definitely know the definition. However;are you FULL of LIFE?
Do you make an effort to be in good spirits? Are you vivacious NOW? If not, get your vivacious ON!!!PLEASE. I LOVE VIVACIOUS PEEPS. Don't you? Love that energy, BRING IT!
Don't these lovely photos move you a bit closer to vivacious? Well, if not you are on your own with your pity party of one. Don't say I did not try. Have an uber vivacious, incredibly HAPPY Word Up Wednesday! 
Choosing VIVACIOUS today!! xoxo

Monday, June 16, 2014

HaPpY Tuesday........YOUR THOUGHTS.......

Okay, somedays you get sidetracked by a reoccurring theme. I have been having conversations with girlfriends about the "proper" dress of our young girls.It's really scary when you are the mom of a young girl. I wish mine would never have to grow up. I had to stop and pause when I read about what Floyd Mayweather had to say. Is this what men think? I have always dressed for myself not for anyone else! AND I was such a rebel when I was younger; therefore I definitely DID NOT dress for some boy!!!I hope I am being a great role model for my daughter that it will lead to smart choices.  What are your thoughts? Drop me a comment.Choosing Happiness and my own outfit!

Sunday, June 15, 2014


Hello and HAPPY MONDAY! I am hoping you all had a marvelous weekend! It was pretty darn HAPPY over here.If my kids are HAPPY then I am for sure HAPPY! I am always looking for quotes that help us lead a healthy drama free life. A life filled with JOY. This one reminds me that every now and then you gotta clean house. Believe me it feels GOOD! Do what you need to do to live the LIFE YOU WANT and DESERVE to live. Happy Monday.....Free Yourself and Choose Happiness!