Sunday, May 4, 2014

Happy Monday GIRL BOSSES!!!!!

HAPPIEST MONDAY EVER!! My event is ovah.... I couldn't be happier. I LOVE the work with the girls but all of the other..... I would like a refund please. A true "girl boss" uplifts others. She wants to see others successful as well. Things are not always perfect but when you know the work that goes into planning an event you find the beauty quickly.It was a lovely affair for the girls who were really the stars for the day. Every girl should be given the opportunity to feel special. This was a really special group of young ladies. Some "girl bosses' in the making. I want to thank my friends who supported my grouchy at times self. I gotta grow at this one. My neighbor sent me a really wonderful card, now that's a real girl boss, lifting up her sister! I am happiest doing the grunt work just stay outta my way and don't criticize because a real girl boss has no problem shining  in the background. Happy Monday! Choosing HAPPINESS !!!

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