Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Fashion and Friendship

Parker believes that women loved Carrie Bradshaw because 'she was a really good friend. That’s why they can forgive those very apparent flaws and selfishnesses. She was a deeply devoted friend, and I think women really respond to that kind of connection. I think we all want it, we all work towards having it, and we’re not always the very best friends we can be… It’s kind of surprising to say, but in a way [Sex and the City] was a more innocent time. I think so much reality television – and the women that dominate culture today – are pretty unfriendly towards one another. They use language that’s really objectionable and cruel and not supportive.  I like to remember that Carrie and the other woman in Sex and the City were really nice to each other.’

WELL SAID ... I am  huge SATC fan. I loved the friendships that were characterized by the show. Supportive,caring,devoted friendships.Cheers to Happiness and Friendships.

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