Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Not that CLASSY ever left in my book. However, one never sees it anymore. It's all about who can show more BooB and BOOTAY these days. I am so Happy that I can admire her beauty and the beauty of the designer dresses she wears. That's right girls  take note a class act has hit the runway/walkway. I love showing my little Z this young woman. Classy and elegant.  A friend emailed me a picture this week and said "she is so elegant and classy." How refreshing to hear a women refer to another woman as classy and elegant. It almost sounds as good as the word FANTASTIC .
Thank you Ms. Lupito Nyong for being the classy, elegant, strong young woman that you appear to be. Thanks for showing us your beauty and brains and not the other B&B! I love you for being a class act. For that you DESERVE an OSCAR. Wishing you an Oscar on Sunday and if not who cares you are already a STAR in my book. All the best to you! Choosing CLASS, ELEGANCE and HAPPINESS!!!


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