Thursday, February 27, 2014


HAPPY FRIDAY!! Loving these Dolce and Gabanna  ready to wear 2014 looks. I love the lady like look. I am old fashioned girly girl I guess. I am more the demure type. What about you? Do you like the lady like look? Yes, I can see myself wandering the streets of Italy in my D & G. Oh to dream.
Have an amazingly BEAUTIFUL , HAPPY weekend. Ciao

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Not that CLASSY ever left in my book. However, one never sees it anymore. It's all about who can show more BooB and BOOTAY these days. I am so Happy that I can admire her beauty and the beauty of the designer dresses she wears. That's right girls  take note a class act has hit the runway/walkway. I love showing my little Z this young woman. Classy and elegant.  A friend emailed me a picture this week and said "she is so elegant and classy." How refreshing to hear a women refer to another woman as classy and elegant. It almost sounds as good as the word FANTASTIC .
Thank you Ms. Lupito Nyong for being the classy, elegant, strong young woman that you appear to be. Thanks for showing us your beauty and brains and not the other B&B! I love you for being a class act. For that you DESERVE an OSCAR. Wishing you an Oscar on Sunday and if not who cares you are already a STAR in my book. All the best to you! Choosing CLASS, ELEGANCE and HAPPINESS!!!


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

WORD UP.......Get your Cheerful On!!!

Sanguine  adj. :confidently optimistic and cheerful 

cheerful....for sure.look at those shoes! doubt

Are you a sanguine person? Well I know for certain that I am. Confidently optimistic.I have even had some say that I live in a "fairytale".... hmmm. Well, clearly I must be doomed to be the stepsister in Cinderella. Only chores and care taking over here! But, hey I get to create my own happiness on my own terms so that takes care of my inner princess and allows me to be cheerful.Enjoy your day, choose happiness and use your "WORD UP" word. 

Monday, February 24, 2014

Craving some Warmth this Tuesday

Hey, hey and happy Tuesday! I am in a vacation state of mind. I am sure most of us are going a little bonkers after this long winter. Are these swimsuits? I am laughing because I would not be swimming in either. I do think they are gorgeous...yes?  Practical was thrown out the window on these two.Any interest in rockin either of these? I can only imagine what the accessories would have to look like. I hope you have a lovely day.
I am definitely Choosing Happiness along with a side of vitamin D. :) 


Thursday, February 20, 2014


Happy Friday! It is once again a winter wonderland here in the twin cities. So the winter gear wages on. So what do you think about these over the knee boots? I REALLY like them I think they are uber cute. Now, I will say there is one lil caveat to wearing these beauties. One must possess a rather thin leg or knee cap. Do you agree. And to my friend with the injured knee you too might want to pass on these. Also, you might want to possess some length on your leg. I can love these all day long but would never own a pair because these puppies come with those aforementioned requirements. But hey I love how these ladies are rocking these boots. I hope your weekend is magical! Choosing HAPPINESS

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

PRETTY SPACES...................

Love this fireplace

Color coded bookcase

Love the exposed brick

Cool spaces whatever your decorating style may be. I am getting spring fever. I feel the need to update  my spaces. I am always looking for a reason to change spaces in my home. I get a little bored with the same look. I know there is probably a clinical name out there for my illness. Bit it makes me HAPPY to refresh my spaces . Happy Thursday.!!!!


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Street Style Inspiration

I am going to blame it on the weather , but I am not feeling one bit inspired to get up and look fabulous. I don't think one has to spend a lot of time or money to look fab. I think you need a little dose of inspiration from time to time. It's easy here in the mighty midwest to don a pair of cozy sweats and comfy boots. But sometimes a girl has to just say yes to looking fabulous when everyone else is not. So I am hoping tomorrow I will wake up with the enthusiasm and energy to pull off Fabulous. I am not making any promises though. I leave you with some casual inspirations. Whatever you decide make sure you CHOOSE HAPPINESS!!


Monday, February 17, 2014

What about your Friends?

I take friendships very serious. I consider myself a very good friend. You may be thinking that's so cocky of you. But, let me tell you why. I make EVERY attempt to be the kind of friend I would like to have. For me that means the following... a good listener, advocate/cheerleader , secret keeper, shopping buddy, loyal, honest and caring. And in return I want/expect the same.  I must say that's not always how it has worked out. I have a few that don't reciprocate at all. I don't use the word friendship loosely. It's serious business for me. Just recently a close friend accepted a new job out of state. I was excited for her new experience but a wee bit sad for my lost. Not that we see each other a lot BUT she is one of those kind of girlfriends that you don't have to see but you know is always there for you. Lately, I have been evaluating some of my friendships. I have been on a little friendship cleanse/purge. Sometimes you need to do that to make room for new friends. People enter your life for a reason or a season. Some stay and some go. It has taken me awhile to understand that concept. It's hard to let go. It's like that old sweater in your closet that you never wear but hang on to it anyway. Have you ever done a purge or cleanse in the friend department. Did you miss em' after you removed them?  I am curious let me know what are your thoughts on friendship!!  Choosing Happiness!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

BECAUSE I"M HAPPY and LOVE is in the AIR !!!!

HAPPY HEARTS DAY LOVIES!! One of my favorite days of the year . What's not to like about LOVE???? If these photos don't light a fire under your booty this HAPPY video will do the trick . If not, don't call me contact a THERAPIST!! lol CHOOSING HAPPINESS and LOVE all weekend!
Wishing  you a weekend filled with love , happiness, joy and celebrations!!!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Just in case You want to bring Sexy Back this Valentines Day!

Option 1

Option 2

My choice

Happy Thursday!Getting excited about Valentines Day.  I have fond memories of Valentines Day as a child. Exchanging cards with all of your classmates, having a fun school party, chocolates! Why can't we replicate that as adults. Do you send cards to your friends on VD. I had every intention of some handmade love. But a store bought may have to suffice. Lots of hearts and Happiness this pre-valentine day. Choosing HAPPY.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Word up ....Are you doing your share to ameliorate the world??

Ameliorate: verb. to make better, improve.

Word Up Wednesday is my small way of ameliorating our world. The smarter we are the better off our world. Or so I believe!!! So what do you do ameliorate your life. 

I leave you with some beautiful images that I hope will at least ameliorate your day. 

All my faves!

a very lovely book

on those days when I may need a lil reminder

How festive is this room? Just PERFECT for ME!!