Wednesday, January 29, 2014


I came across this article  "Raising A Kind Daughter". I was so moved by it that I  forwarded to a good friend for her input. Her reply" It's so sad that kindness is seen as a weakness." I think that is exactly how kindness is perceived today. I am HAPPY to raise a kind daughter which for me means that she will be a Confident woman. I see absolutely nothing wrong with being kind. So happy and grateful that my mom raised me to be kind. I asked my almost 9 year old to read the article for discussion, I walked away and she left these notes on my phone. I love that girl!

Z's review of article

Do more of this with my daughter.

Laugh a lot and celebrate your friends.

Kind girls are strong girls and become confident women. Go forth and Choose Happiness and Kindness for you and your daughter!

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