Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Word up….GET HAPPY

 Some things that give me a little happy.
Lots of arm candy

Great friendships with savvy, smart, inspirational women

The color PINK….of course!

A fun bauble….. LOVE this necklace

Most importantly  You gotta want to be happy and I WANT to.

Happy, Happy, Word Up Wednesday. I gotta whole lit of Happy going on over here. So much that I am exhausted and hitting the mattress at 10:30 which is on the early side for me. Tis the season to Joyous! I am enjoying all the little things that make this holiday season fun. Candle lighting, spirited holiday music, some spirits (lol) extra time with the lil peeps. Doing something for others regardless of how small it may be.  How is your holiday happiness?  I hope you are making every effort to get your Happy on. If not ….STOP, Pause and make a mindful effort to Choose HAPPINESS. Hugs!

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