Monday, October 21, 2013

I DO!!!! 20 years ago .


First selection


Change into this lil number

After party wedding nite

My slippers




Bridesmaids shoes

Happy Tuesday ! Twenty years ago I said I DO to my other BESTIE. I can't believe that I , ME (wow) have been married for so many years!!! So today's post is dedicated to what else ......  a wedding.  So I chose to have a destination wedding, 20 years ago in Maui before they were aptly called destination. So this weekend when my husband, coach, mentor, friend asked if I would do a destination wedding again. To which I proclaimed YES. BUT not to say I can't appreciate a beautiful wedding! So IF I were to have a "traditional" wedding, these are my selections please not how many gown changes I would have.  ALL LOVELY would you agree?  I plan to have an ABSOLUTELY wonderful day. I plan to be as HAPPY and GIDDY as was 20 years ago! Happy Anniversary my BFF( because I know you are reading this)!And to my readers I raise a glass to you for CHOOSING HAPPINESS


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