Thursday, October 17, 2013


HAPPY FRIDAYYYYY!!!!!!  I wanted to share 5 jackets we should have in our closet. First up the lady jacket. Doesn't have to be PINK (ahem) unless you are me but it needs to have a feminine feel. #2 the dark structured blazer AKA your serious side jacket. #3 the army/utility AKA I am a warrior if I need be jacket.#4 the quintessential jean jacket AKA dress me up or down jacket and FINALLY the
Leather moto jacket AKA bad a** jacket. There you have it . Go check your closets ladies. Do you own 1 or more of these? Do you like one style over another? Well you can guess my fave. I do know my weekend will require a jacket!  Cold and damp ......hey what about a raincoat and bonnet. I guess being practical is not fashionable. Much LOVE and MUCHO HAPPINESS!!


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