Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Gangs ALL here....Friendship is ALWAYS in STYLE!!!!!!

Happy Wednesday LOVES!!!  A while back I had a post about 3 unlikely amigos. My new found friends from Z's swim class. Well , yesterday we were brought back together for 5 more months of swim lessons. WHOO HOO.  I can now fire my make-believe therapist. I know longer need therapy! I look forward to Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday for good old fashion girlfriend LAUGHTER. We laughed so HARD!!!! Laughter truly is the BEST medicine. I am no longer accepting applications for FRIENDS. LOL that's a joke!! Do we need another person ladies to make our own SATC ?  Who are you most like out of the cast? Who do you think I would be of the 4 ? Humor me send me a line with who you are most like and who you think I am most like. May your today be filled with Peace, Joy , Laughter and Happiness.  Also........ I hope this post is better lady K!!


  1. Yeah Lisa's back!!! I am really looking forward to this season. I agree laughter is the best medicine:) You are for sure the Carrie of the bunch. Not sure about D and I...?


  2. LOVED THE POST!!!! What a positive and truly wonderful note! Just laughing with you & Karenea completely made my week. Brad asked how Sami last night; admitting that I only saw one length after an hour of swimming was a little embarrassing but oh well... I HAD FUN!!!
    I totally agree with Karenea that you would be Carrie and not to sure about us.

    Love & laughter to all!! :)