Thursday, September 12, 2013

Friday Fashion and a HAPPY Weekend

This picture makes me smile!! I love their smiles and style. I love how they were photographed from small to tall. Love the handbags. Okay face it , I imagining that they have this great friendship and love dining, shopping and just hanging out. I just want to insert myself in this photo. I must say I laughed so HARD yesterday with my "sorority swimming sisters" that my face still hurts. Just sharing it makes me happy. ALL about the HAPPY. Wishing you some belly laughs this weekend. Choose Happiness

1 comment:

  1. Almost 12 hours later and I am still giggling over last night's stories and laughs! You honestly light up a room when you walk into it and that light doesn't dim for hours! You & Karenea are such a blessing!!
    I developed multiple laugh lines from last night! :) And the AB workout is a bonus from the belly laughs.
    Hopefully you had a quiet uneventful evening!