Wednesday, August 7, 2013

What is your OOTD ( outfit of the day)!

So totally cute not that I would wear it

Look at the hearts on the coat , the belt on the skirt and the shoes!

I love those platform sandals and the detail on the leather pants

Lately I have been so infatuated with seeing other styles in other countries. My guilty pleasure of course is reading endless magazines  of all kinds. Today, I stole a wee bit of time and perused the bookstore AGAIN. I picked up National Geographic and a few British fashion mags. In my opinion, women in other countries appear a lot more hip and free in their selection of dress. It appears that they also pay a great deal of attention to detail. I would love to ask ..How do you choose your OOTD? Lately, mine has been what ever I am feeling comfortable in. Which has been pretty much the SAME ol thing. Tell me how did you choose your OOTD? Did you choose it the night before. I hope you chose some thing that makes you feel good.! Choosing Happy and a cute outfit today!

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