Sunday, August 25, 2013

Happy Monday.....Oh YEAH this is how I am FEELING!!

Happy Monday!! Not so much in my world!! My babies are headed back to school! I know I should be jumping up and down BUT I AM NOT. I am a crazy control freak mama and I like my babies right here in my NEST! Hell  yeah they drive me crazy too. But I know where they are and we are happy doing our nutty stuff together. A perfect school year for me is half a day and I get to choose which half lol. I will miss lingering around in our jammies. I will miss yelling at them to play the piano, clean your rooms, pick up your stuff...... Who will I dance , act silly with? I know I need to work on getting a life BUT they are my LIFE!!  Part of my distress is that I have a Freshman in HS. For the first time my kids will not be in the car together. My eyes are filling up !!  Yes, I am sad. The little one  will not even be up when the oldest gets dropped  off at the bus. OH YEAH did I mention he will be on a BUS!  UGHH! Okay enough !!! I keep telling myself these are great milestones.    I wish you a wonderful Monday filled with lots of JOY. I am choosing not to cry and Happiness!

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