Thursday, August 8, 2013


I know I am about 5 days over due. National Friendship Day was August 4 this year,  I hope you shared some special time with a friend. Yesterday, I spent time with a new friend but it felt like we were OLD friends sharing stories. She also made me the most DELICIOUS , Wholesome and nutritious lunch. Though she did attempt to kill me with a kale, collard green ,beets and 20 other vegetable smoothie.LOL! However, the time spent together was so WONDERFUl . There is a bit of an age gap but we both shared so many commonalities. In addition, I left there inspired to go home and accomplish a few tasks at hand. So thank you girlfriend for inspiring me yesterday, for the great conversation and great shared meal. I promise to make you your very own friendship bracelet. Happy Weekend and huge  
dose of HAPPY to get you through the weekend.

                                        images via Pinterest


  1. Thank you Lisa for the lovely post. I am truly great full that we have become friends. You have such a fun easy going energy about you. And I am sure all of your other friends could agree. Keep shining and have a great day:)

  2. Karenea has to stop trying to kill you with the wonderful smoothies! :) Sounds like you both had a great day and both of you are very similar; funny, kind, inspiring, intelligent, and loving lovely ladies!!!

    I can't for swim practice to start again! Have a wonderful weekend.