Thursday, August 22, 2013

Fabulous Friday and some male Shopping

The young boy ( my first born) and I headed out to the mall to do some BTS shopping yesterday. Now that he is a freshman uniforms are no longer required. So he wanted to make certain he was going to look dapper day one. I must say it was so much more fun shopping with him than even my bestie. (sorry friend). Basically, he let his dear mom pick out all of his clothes. He tried them all on and was QUITE pleased with my selections. It was a different bonding experience for us. However, when I said I liked a certain dress his reply " mom that IS NOT going to fit you. To which I replied "YES IT WILL".It is a good thing that I was born with such a HUGE helping of self confidence. There is nothing like your teenage son telling you certain things would NOT look good on you. No ego bruising there!!! The best thing though, I got to see the young man morph into the running gear wearing athlete to this handsome .dapper. casually cool young man. I think I have said it before as a matter of fact I know I have but I miss the days when men used to dress in nicer clothes. I detest all of the casualness. Just the other day , I spotted an elderly couple shopping, and what struck me more was seeing the care he had taken getting ready for the day. He had on a sweet short sleeve shirt and grey dress slacks pressed perfectly with his nice black belt and black shoes. Yeah , that's right I would be able to identify him in a line up because he was sooooo old BUT he had a penchant to dressing well. I hope that my son at 80 will dress so beautifully.  Wishing you a DELIGHTFUL weekend filled with CHEER and Happiness

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