Monday, July 22, 2013

Tuesday a TIP ........It's all about the ACCESSORY

The Ring

The necklace

The statement necklace

The bracelet

Simple necklace 


Viola!  Arm candy
You know I am a  woman all about keeping it simple .... until it comes to my accessories. I really hoard accessories especially jewelry. For me, it is the accessory that makes the outfit. That is what seperates the girls from the women .LOL! I was shopping with a girlfriend on Friday and she had the CUTEST Marimekko converse sneakers on. Everyone complimented her on those shoes, not the pants she was wearing but those eye popping fun shoes. Have a wonderful joy -filled Tuesday. Choose Happpiness and a ring , belt, earrings,bracelet........

                                                                  images via Refinery29

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