Monday, July 8, 2013

Tuesday Happiness.........GAME ON


Run to the Super market for milk OUTFIT

Doing the Dishes gown sans apron

Just the other day, my kids decided to me remind that I never "dress-up" anymore. My almost 14 year old son has deemed most of my outfits 'man mom" attire.  His name for my work out gear. Out of the mouths of babes. Those comments did make me reflect on what I was wearing. Okay, so not everyday do I put on make up or spend an exorbitant amount of effort on my OOTD(outfit of the day) but MOST days I do try to "sparkle". And I must say, I feel sassy on those days. A happy sassy!  So , I have decided it was time for Stella to get her groove back and go from dull and lackluster to "Sparkle" again.  Do you "sparkle" every day or at least make an effort to , even for those quick Target runs?  Happy Tuesday! Choosing Happiness and something special to wear! 

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