Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Public Enemy Here I COME .... Hello Flavor Flav

FAIRY GOD MOTHER can you here me? I REALLY want this necklace....OK?  So the word on the street is that I have a Fairy God Mother .....Guess that's better than a SUGAR DADDY rumor. huh?
Well I sure in the heck hope she is listening because even though I would look like a throw back from Public Enemy, I GOTTA HAVE IT. From the moment I saw it glaring from my August issue of Harpers Bazaar it has been LOVE at first sight.  What else says living happy than a big a** medallion ! lol  Well, friends you may have to pass the offering hat on this one !!!!! This beauty is 1200.00 coins. So I think I will head to Michaels now and see if I can work some magic. UNLESS my FGM is listening to me HOLLA about this statement  piece.  BTW I feel much better!! Choose Happiness!
                                                    images via google

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