Monday, July 29, 2013

Happy Tuesday......I got your BACK

I am a girl who likes a little mystery. Meaning, I like to unwrap my packages!  What I am saying is I AM OVER the over sexy!!! Clothes,lately are just too revealing for me. It seems as though it is all about the shock value. Not for me!I think a woman looks prettier when she is leaving a little something covered. Leave something to the imagination. What happened to accentuating one asset now it's your ass asset and all of the other parts too. I really like these dresses because it is a subtle hint of sexy. Not to mention having a strong back is really helpful. Ask this girl who does all the heavy lifting over here. What do you think of the dresses? Likey or no Likey? Choose a little mystery and Happiness!

                                        images 1,2,3,4

1 comment:

  1. I have got to agree with you. Leaving a little up to the imagination is the way to go. Although I do love all of the dresses in the images. With the emphases on the strong back and strong women. Great interpretation of how the day should go.

    Miss you Lisa,