Sunday, July 28, 2013

Happy Monday and a Marvelous Message

So this weekend was a BUSY FUN one. I hope you had a great weekend too. I had lots of great memorable moments. Friday my Z and I were invited to a SHE ROCK concert. SO AMAZING! My Z could hardly wait to attend the 2 week camp next year. Young girls write songs play all kinds of instruments and get two share their talents on stage. So empowering for our young girls. Saturday nite attended  a FABULOUS beach party by a friend that is an "IT GIRL" on so many levels. She is kind, sweet, a great mom , pretty and oh so stylish!! It was a WELL attended PARTAY!  
It was so fun to be around great energy. I was so ecstatic to attend two events that were such positive events with other women. So many times we see the ugly side of being a girl. You know the judgemental side. IF any that was going on I did not witness it. But...... you KNOW  I reside in my own bubble of HAPPINESS
 Here's to a great start to another chance to LIVE HAPPY ! 


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