Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Wonderful WORD up Wednesday !

Fastidious : adjective
                   very attentive to and concerned about     
                    accuracy and detail. 

So when I decided to do a blog I searched for the perfect graphic designer to  design my website. I vividly remember a friend telling me I was spending wayyyyyy to much time on the design. "Just start writing it's just a blog. Well it was MORE for me! It needed to reflect who I was and that is important to me. Now, I may not be fastidious about EVERYTHING ask Mr. Happy and he will tell you about all of those things. But this baby here is mine!  And just as I was fastidious about my two "real babies, so am I about my blog . With that said ,I hope you, my readers appreciate my fastidiousness and CHOOSE HAPPINESS

Looks to me like  these beauties were very fastidious about their outfits.

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