Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Terrific Thursday ...........Being your own Bestie?


It's 12:30AM and I have just returned home from some festivities for my now high school son. Yes, we are still celebrating from his eighth grade commencement  on Monday.  I am relishing the fact that he still really wants me to tag along on these little excursions.  But, here lies the problem. I really like flying solo lately. Don't get me wrong I love my girlfriends but I may be getting a little narcissistic because I truly love my time ALONE.  Plain and simple I LIKE ME! I guess I have been evolving. And each time I lose a friend because of geography ( them moving) it has forced me to look inwardly.
I enjoy my favorite past time of shopping SOLO. I have to admit I don't dine solo much. But, I am slowly moving towards that as well. With that said , I do feel I am my own best friend AND life does seem much simpler. Mr Happy would argue and say I have a LOT of friends but I disagree. Have you arrived at this place yet? How long did it take you? Well I gotta close my peepers. Bidding you a terrific Thursday and a healthy daily dose of HAPPY. 

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