Sunday, June 2, 2013

Marvelous Monday .......Dressing Up Denim

Elegant silver pumps


Adorable Peep toes

Flats and a crisp white shirt

Platform wedges

Free flowing skirt

I love a great pair of jeans. Preferably a dark rinse denim. There are so many ways to dress jeans up now. Last Thursday I tried on a brand I was not too familiar with, just for fun. I have to say that I had not experienced sticker shock before when it comes to jeans . But the 225.00 price gave me the real BLUES. Okay they were soft and the sales person said they were like yoga pants. I am sorry, I can't imagine paying $225 for holey jeans maybe HOLY ones. lol I left them where they seemed happiest on the shelf!!!  My favorite pair is from Jcrew. They look a little dressier and I love the fit. Do you have a max that you are willing to shell out for jeans? I am off to tackle a to do list with a vengeance . Choose Happy today. 
                                                 images here

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