Thursday, June 13, 2013

Fabulous Friday ..... And Happy Father's DAY

Happy Friday and Happy Father's Day. Papa may have been a rolling stone, but we LOVE him anyway. Happy Father's Day to my best friend and soul mate. Thank you for being my biggest supporter and cheerleader. I  KNOW if nobody else reads this blog YOU do and you actually tell me you like it. For that, I AM GRATEFUL! ThoughI must admit Mr. HAPPY you can grind my nerves. But,  I am not perfect either and I am sure I work one on you too. Thanks for being a great dad, friend and partner. Now on to the gifts. Lord knows I love my man or any man to smell GOOD. So I always buy him a new scent. YUM.  I also like a well heeled man, shoe connoisseur that I am. I love a man with nice shoes  for me a telling sign that he cares about his appearance. I also LOVE a well read man.  Nothing deep, JUST READ!!! I want to be able to talk to you about something. I have looked at this book and we need to own it since we like ROAD trips.  Please celebrate Dads this weekend.Despite all of their shortcomings(lol) life would be pretty damn darn boring with out them. Celebrate and Choose Happiness

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