Thursday, June 27, 2013

HAPPY WEEKEND......YOU deserve some MANDY!!!!!!

Hallelujah it is the weekend!! In addition, it is time for a little Mandy (man - candy) . I am taking next week off and thought I would leave YOU( my very special readers ) with some fun images.  Because I love to chuckle and I just gotta share with you!!! So I hope this will tie you over until I return, if nothing else make you think of me and smile at my silliness. Guess what? I am ROFL at myself. I love the suspenders without the shirt and arm sock? Might have to purchase both for my own MANDY! lol 
Here's to a beautiful weekend followed by a safe and wonderful July 4th. PEACE , LOVE and HAPPINESS

                                                                  images 1,2,3

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Thursday Happiness.....Friendship for the OLD AND YOUNG

I know that I have posted about friendship bracelets before , but you must know my LOVE for these woven pieces of thread. Obviously, from the images above friendship bracelets like friendship have no age boundaries. I love the mature woman sporting her bracelets. Also, the other woman adds a pop of color to her all black look. I wear 3 on my right wrist all the time casual or dressy they never depart. One from my 8 year old and the other from the FMSC party. It may be that I am going to visit my BESTIE soon and hoping that along with the chocolates on my pillow, there will be a friendship bracelet too.( hint hint)  Cheers to friendship and Choosing Happiness

images via  the sartorialist

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Word Up Wednesday...The scent of a woman

You can tell by this shot that I am a fan of Marc Jacobs fragrances. I like that they are subtle and leave a sillage. I also REALLY like the flowers on the bottle (as if you did not know) HA. Last week, I picked up a Jo Malone fragrance . I had some old and I mean old Nordstroms gift cards and decided  to treat myself to a "new" fragrance. I really like it ! Do you have a favorite scent? Have you been wearing it a while? Have a wonderful Wednesday! Choose Happiness

Monday, June 24, 2013

Happy Tuesday........ This is ONE GLAM SPACE!

Yes, this is one HAPPY spot.  Okay, even if you are NOT a PINK addict like moi , you have to still give a shout out to this space. I love the marble , the cabinetry , the acrylic chair and of course the vases of fresh flowers. OMG ,I would not think I  needed makeup sitting at this vanity. lol .You are probably thinking oh of course you like it , it has pink . But, imagine a canary yellow or turquoise still pretty ......right?  I hope your Monday was fab. Cheers to another great day and a opportunity to Choose Happiness
                                               images here


Sunday, June 23, 2013

Monday the START to a Marvelous Week

Happy Monday!  A little something ,something to JUMP START your week. Feeling sassy and productive. How was your weekend? Mine was filled with all the things that make me happy.. time with my family and of course some sprinkles of friends thrown in there. Here's to a wonderful week filled with GREATNESS. Ciao and Choose Happiness

                                                        images : 1,2

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Friday ..... I'm gonna Make it FABULOUS




HAPPY FRIDAY my HAPPY and Beautiful Peeps. After an entire week of being under the weather, I am so happy to head into the weekend feeling slightly better. First full week of kids being home. Filled with lots of good summer fun so far. Though the picture above sums up my week of running around on empty. I so wanted to go outside and cop a squat, but there are no curbs in the burbs! LOL. Wishing you a magical weekend filled with JOY! Choose Happiness

                                                                 image via pinterest

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Fab Thursday ...........Yellow is not Mellow

Pretty and Sophisticated


The shoes make me so HAPPY

You know it is a HUGE stretch for me to say I HEART any color besides PINK, but yellow is my runner up for HAPPYITIS  yep I just made that up. You have to agree that these looks are just FAB. Sometimes a girl has to JUMP outside her PINK box and get curious!  I hope you have a sunny, yellow non mellow Thursday. Peace and Happiness!

                                                       images via (here)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Word Up......It's WEDNESDAY

French Riviera

Another View

Summer time is when I suffer from wanderlust.  I feel that "gypsy" come out full throttle. The French Riviera has always been on my list. I would love to pack up the family and leave in the AM. The stretch of beautiful beaches is just breath taking. Where do you wanderlust? So many places, I would like to go, of course all SUNNY with glittery SAND. Happy Wednesday wanderlust. Choose Happiness

Monday, June 17, 2013

Terrific Tuesday.......... YOU LOOK GOOD

Enough said, these ladies look GOOD. Would you agree? Just a little bit of "hotness" goes a LONG way. Pretty in BLACK.  Are you  confident enough to tell another woman she looks good. I AM , as a matter of fact I always make a point to tell some one when they are looking good. A small gesture that can make a big difference. So the next time you see someone who  looks good let em know! Choose Happiness

                                                                   images  1,2,3

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Monday .........Who Let the DAWGS out?

Okay really, how cute is this? Even if you don't own a pooch makes you wanna grab one now and get your photo on. This is such a great collaboration happening here in the twin cities. I am very familiar with Secondhand Hounds, I scour their site frequently looking at the pooches wanting to give them all a  home.Your fur baby will enjoy some exquisite treats from Lulu & Luigi too. I am a fan of collaborations that do well and do good. So if you are in the area grab your pooch and head over to this FABULOUS high style doggy portrait session. Your DAWGS and the SecondHand DAWGS will
love and thank you for it.  Choose Happiness

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Fabulous Friday ..... And Happy Father's DAY

Happy Friday and Happy Father's Day. Papa may have been a rolling stone, but we LOVE him anyway. Happy Father's Day to my best friend and soul mate. Thank you for being my biggest supporter and cheerleader. I  KNOW if nobody else reads this blog YOU do and you actually tell me you like it. For that, I AM GRATEFUL! ThoughI must admit Mr. HAPPY you can grind my nerves. But,  I am not perfect either and I am sure I work one on you too. Thanks for being a great dad, friend and partner. Now on to the gifts. Lord knows I love my man or any man to smell GOOD. So I always buy him a new scent. YUM.  I also like a well heeled man, shoe connoisseur that I am. I love a man with nice shoes  for me a telling sign that he cares about his appearance. I also LOVE a well read man.  Nothing deep, JUST READ!!! I want to be able to talk to you about something. I have looked at this book and we need to own it since we like ROAD trips.  Please celebrate Dads this weekend.Despite all of their shortcomings(lol) life would be pretty damn darn boring with out them. Celebrate and Choose Happiness

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Terrific Thursday ...........Being your own Bestie?


It's 12:30AM and I have just returned home from some festivities for my now high school son. Yes, we are still celebrating from his eighth grade commencement  on Monday.  I am relishing the fact that he still really wants me to tag along on these little excursions.  But, here lies the problem. I really like flying solo lately. Don't get me wrong I love my girlfriends but I may be getting a little narcissistic because I truly love my time ALONE.  Plain and simple I LIKE ME! I guess I have been evolving. And each time I lose a friend because of geography ( them moving) it has forced me to look inwardly.
I enjoy my favorite past time of shopping SOLO. I have to admit I don't dine solo much. But, I am slowly moving towards that as well. With that said , I do feel I am my own best friend AND life does seem much simpler. Mr Happy would argue and say I have a LOT of friends but I disagree. Have you arrived at this place yet? How long did it take you? Well I gotta close my peepers. Bidding you a terrific Thursday and a healthy daily dose of HAPPY. 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Wednesday Word UP ........I may be a little greedy!!!

Rapacious  : adjective
                     definition : aggressively greedy

                         There are a few things in life that I get rapacious about, I do have my weaknesses!!!!
For sure

Yes, this too!

No explanation here , I will take em all!!

I am slowly getting back in the groove. Final day of school today! HOORAY! Have a happy hump day. Go out and get rapacious about your happiness! Choose it! ciao

                                              images here 1,2,3

Monday, June 10, 2013

Happy Tuesday ..... Seek and you shall find

Okay , maybe to sugary for some, but try it. I mean REALLY make an attempt at it. I DID. So many things get in our view that it is difficult to find the beauty. But it is there, trust me on this one. Just the other day I was dreading an event all negative thoughts kept fighting for space. I chose to see the possibility of a good outcome and by GOLLY MISS MOLLY it appeared. Sometimes you gotta re-channel that energy turn the dial. Turn up your HAPPINESS frequency. By the way, eighth grade commencement was BEAUTIFUL . Because I chose to seek it and found it .! Thanks for reading and Choosing 2livehappy


Sunday, June 9, 2013

Monday Madness........I will make it MARVELOUS

This is REALLY how I am feeling.

It's Monday ALREADY. My weekend just flew by. So many  year end activities . I am ready for summer and some fun. Tomorrow more running around for my 8th grader's commencement . HOORAY !  By Tuesday I will have completed shopping for the year end teacher's gifts.  I will definitely return with a vengeance  soon, just a little off my game because of the endless TO DO list.  So stay tuned and Choose Happiness 

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Happy WEEKEND ........May it be SUN FILLED

Ritz Carlton Paris

How can you not be happy after those beautiful scenes.

This has been one UGLY week  in the weather department. One dreary day after the next. It's been tough not getting the natural vitamin D this week. So much that I was forced to seek some sun via the internet. But, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do to get back to HAPPY. So much to do before the coyotes are set free on my ranch. The count down is TRULY on!!!  My cup truly runneth over lately. Here's  to a weekend filled with  plenty of sunshine and if not Seek and CHOOSE HAPPINESS. Ciao

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Happy Thursday ..........Time for a lil Change up.

For ME ......because I BELIEVE IT DOES

Terrific Thursday to you! Spent yesterday running around for kids and their upcoming end of the year events. I also decided to change out my dining room table. I have a little ADHD when it comes to home interior projects. I like to change things out frequently. Lately, I have not been so inspired to do much. So, I was so excited when the itch did return because I love doing it up differently around here. So I went out to my gardens and snipped some oh so pink peonies.(wink wink)  I bought a new mosaic to place my faux beauties in. Still a work in Progress on the hurricanes. Need to fill with shells or something pink. Oh and did you catch a glimpse of the"infamous" balloon. In the words of Elton John improvised a bit "It's STILL STANDING" though barely. On the way to get my coffee stopped at a local boutique and found this delicious pink pull on . And of course it called my name ALL the way to the cash register. If you don't know, you now know ..... I LOVE shirts with words on them . Blame it on my English major background or my love of WORDS. Regardless this girl can't have too many. Well today I am CHOOSING HAPPINESS AND PINK . Surprised?