Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Word Up Wednesday ~ French style


function :adjective
Etymology: French from past participle to seek out
definition  a :   EXQUISITE, CHOICE    b: Exotic rare

We continued to celebrate Mother's Day in our house yesterday. I had forgotten to open a gift. It was a gift from my still sweet almost 14 year old baby boy. He was so excited to present his mama with this jewel that he HAD CHOSEN. It was a very proud moment. My K had carefully selected the one thing that he felt represented his mama. The picture does not do the necklace  justice. It is so beautiful but even more meaningful. I saved the best for last!!! My Kam had made a recherche' choice. I can't wait to wear it proudly and feel like queen mama. Cheers to a wonderful Wednesday along with my daily dose of  Choosing Happiness

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