Thursday, May 16, 2013

Tremendous Thursday .....and the Unlikely Amigos

Happy Almost Weekend peeps. I look forward to Thursday evenings now even more. I get the opportunity to laugh really HARD with three women that have become my new amigos. It started about six weeks or so ago. Our daughters swim for the same club. What I find intriguing is that we are all so VERY different. At least if you are judging the book by the cover. I have grown to really like these girls. We giggle as though we are part of a sorority of laughter. So much so that I have called us the "sorority" row girls. If you were to ask me what we laugh about I would say at ourselves mostly and the strange glances we receive.from the sheer fact we are enjoying each other's company. When I walked into that room six weeks ago I would have never guessed that these women would become my Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday "sweet" spot BUT THEY HAVE.  I really love my girlfriend time. Anyone that knows me ,knows that SATC is and will continue to be my favorite show. I love the camaraderie amongst those four characters. The problem I have in my life right now is that my closest girlfriends are  all out of town. We maintain a great friendship but nothing beats hanging out in your jammies together in person. Until , I see them again the two "unlikely" amigos suit me just fine. Because I know for a fact that good laughter is GREAT for the soul. Choose Happiness

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  1. I LOVE this post! I also look forward to my time with my "Sorority Sisters"! The laughter that we share is so good for my soul! Sami last night commented that I can't be watching her swim since all I am doing is laughing and talking the whole time! She is correct!
    I will miss both of you on Saturday! Enjoy the school carnival and the whole weekend!
    Thank you for the laughter!! :) Di