Monday, May 20, 2013

Marvelous Monday ........ Keep EM Covered

Hey BEAUTIFUL peeps I hope you enjoyed a weekend filled with JOY. I had a very busy but exciting weekend. A weekend that allowed me to catch up on some reading. I was perusing last Sunday's New York Times and came across this article titled "A Line Between Sweet and Skimpy"
As a mom of an eight year girl, of course my interest was peaked. I have struggled with clothes that keep my little girl sweet looking. A mom is HARD pressed to find clothes that don't scream LOOK at me I am sexy and headed to the club. I remember shopping at a department store last year and the sales person said "it goes from six to sex " she was describing the clothing line in the little girls department . All I kept thinking was NOT IN MY HOUSE.  So far, I have managed to control the issue and will continue to mandate what is "acceptable" and what is NOT acceptable in our home. I am just tired of seeing butt crack on seven year olds. Can you tell  this is a hot button for me? Moms what are you thinking allowing your little ones to dress so provocative ? Please tell me. I have watched grown men look at pre-teens at our swim club like a bucket  of chicken wings. UGHH!  I do not want my daughter being viewed as a chicken wing in that bucket. I came across this card in my box and thought how sweet do these little girls looks. Just as I remember looking with my friends . Nothing screaming "sexy" from this photo. I have found some clothing lines that keep our little ones sweet and not seductive. I know this is  a serious topic for a Monday. But hey, it heavily weighed on my mind.  I feel empowered to make choices that represent our family values. Do YOU? What are your thoughts? The full article here

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