Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Happy Thursday and YES I MEAN IT


Just Splendid

Please take your seat

Whilst I pour you a glass of BIG GIRL JUICE

Happy Thursday to my very special and loyal readers. I am offering you a seat at an elegant table because I need to RANT. I have spent a better part of today doing volunteer work. Now, I am all about volunteering but to the degree that it  is making me rip out my all ready short pixie, not so much.  Has this ever happened to you? I am just beside myself with the amount of time I have spent on this project. If the hours were billable, I would be one PHAT CAT.  So I decided  to break and look at some beautiful photos of lovely places to sip juice. Giddy or Plain juice whichever you prefer, but you have to agree sipping any thing in these kitchens would make one feel lovely.  For me it is truly about the small things that bring me so much JOY. I hope you have an absolutely TERRIFIC Thursday and CHOOSE YOUR HAPPINESS.

                                                           images via House  Beautiful

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