Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Marvelous Monday

Happy Monday. I sure hope that all the moms had a wonderful joy-filled Mother's Day. My weekend was filled with so many delightful simple things. It truly was one of my best MD. A recap of the activities that made it special. Friday my little Z had a birthday party and I must admit I totally crabbed out on the thought of a birthday on Mother's Day weekend. On a Friday nite no doubt. So we went and much to my surprise had a wonderful time. The birthday party was at Feed My Starving Children , so Z and I were able to do something significant together. It was so rewarding! I ended up buying 5 friendship bracelets because each one could feed 10 kiddies. I LOVE shopping for a cause.  Saturday Z  had another birthday party. Then the four of us went out to dinner and had the best time together. I love the ages my children are now. Sunday , I was able to go for a five mile run solo. WHOHOO. The pancakes that were promised were taking way too long so I opted for fruit and breakfast sandwiches courtesy of Starbucks. Church was entertaining on MANY levels. Lunch was ice cream (husband's not sure he was even thinking) idea. Home for MD photos and playing in the yard. Dinner out at one of the KIDS fave restaurant ... did I say KIDS fave? Dinner took way too long oldest complained of a headache wanted mom to rub his head while I used he other to eat my burger. Sound familiar? Dessert to go which none of us ate last nite. Kids and husband down at 8:45. Mom left up to do 6 loads of laundry and clean.  Despite all of the excitement it truly was the little things that I was able to reflect on. All the time we spent as a family was Fantastic. I decided every mom needs an eight year old girl that says mom you look pretty, beautiful, dazzling you fashionista. Where does she come up with those things?  But talking about feeling SPECIAL. She is great for the EGO.  Oh and I totally for get I was able to take a LONG relaxing bath by candle light with jazz playing. Can we say slice of HEAVEN. The ONLY thing missing was the PINK tub above. Why of course. I bid you a wonderful, beautiful Monday. Choose Happiness

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