Friday, May 3, 2013


My Mother's Day wish list. So the "just surprise" me doesn't work in mi casa , therefore I opt to put a little wish list together. I truly don't NEED a thing but baubles are this girls best friend. Home made gifts are my fave from the kids and I have already taken a peek at Z's little gift. You would think I was holding the winning lottery ticket. How come eighth grade teachers and above don't insist on making something special for moms? I still have the jewelry tree my 13 year old made for me on my nite stand. The branches have seen better days but hey, I still have it. Do you make a wish list?  I am really hoping those PINK shoes show up. I could see my toes doing a  REAL happy dance in those. Cheers to a super HAPPY weekend.  Choose Happiness

                                                  images via Jcrew

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